Monday, October 29, 2007

Technical Savior strikes again

I was going to tell you about all the things I've cleaned up this morning thanks to a very active girl being in a mischievous mood, but I changed my mind. Instead I'll share with you a huge what was I thinking moment from this weekend.

Have you ever watched a movie or tv show where someones laptop or similar storage device is confiscated. Which of course they have previously deleted whatever incriminating information was on it. Yet miraculously it is retrieved and the person receives whatever just punishment is required. Now I, not being all that computer savvy never really thought about whether or not in the really real world that was actually possible. I just like a happy ending and accept them as they come. I have learned now that it is indeed possible and I am so thankful.

We took a ton of photos sat. When we got home I took out the SD card from the camera and put it into the card reader. Here is where I usually copy them over to the computer then browse through them. For whatever reason I started browsing through them right away from the card reader. Then of course life happened and I was away from the computer. Much later I sit down at the computer think oh, I didn't delete the SD card and proceed to do so. Then take it and put it back in the camera like I usually do. Do you see the step I missed? I DIDN'T ACTUALLY COPY THE PICTURES!!!!

I didn't notice right away, until I went to finish browsing through them and they weren't there. I sat looking at the Oct picture file wondering where are they? I closed the file and re-opened it, still nothing. Then it dawned on me, I didn't actually remembering copying them over. I sat in horror with my hands poised over the keyboard staring at the screen letting the realization of what I did wash over me. 150 pictures, some really cute ones, Samara's first time to the pumpkin patch GONE! When I could speak I said "um....Rod......I think I did something really stupid.....I think I erased the memory card without transferring it." By now it had really sunk in and vocalizing it somehow made it worse and here is where I threw my head into my hands and cried. Rod stayed calm instructing me to "back away from the computer." I think he was afraid that in my hysterics I was going to somehow make it worse! haha! So he checked the computer and the SD card and yes indeed no pictures. Still he's calm, I'm frantically pacing while he's trying to explain to me that it's fine, that the pictures are still on there he just has to find a program to find them. How are they still there when I deleted them? Something about that because I just hit delete and didn't re-format the SD card the actual pictures aren't deleted just the directory to find the pictures are deleted. Then we just re-write over them when we take new pictures. Since we hadn't taken any new pictures they are still there. So my wonderful computer savvy husband not only found a program to find the pictures on the SD card, he found a FREE program. I paced until he had the program running and it started finding pictures, then I sat in front of the computer and watched it transfer pictures one by one to the computer. It found not only the pictures we had lost, but a bunch from the summer, Payton starting preschool, and a ton of MP3's Rod had transferred to give his mom. Phew! Catastrophe diverted!

So yeah, once again Rod: Technical Savior saves the day. I will indeed be able to share those pictures with you as I am once again in possession of them. So if you ever do something stupid like delete a bunch of pictures off your SD card, remember, Don't panic just DO NOT USE IT! Then proceed directly to someone who knows what they are doing with computers and let them help you retrieve your precious memories.

And as for posting pictures that will come soon, this got long and I need to go clean, and play with my Payton.

Happy Monday All!


Susan Kirchmayer said...

i could use a technical saviour right now.... stupid blogger.

Bridget said...

I had no idea "real" people could do that! I wish I would have known that when I accidently deleted half of our 4th of July. Love your blog by the way, and your girls are adorable!

Miss-buggy said...

Yeah I really like that technical savior of yours. He saved me a few times. LOL. Glad you got the pics back and hurry up and post them already. lol.
Did you change the link to his name at all? Mine says technical savior. LOL. I left it at that too