Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nothing is as simple as you think

I was going to post today, you know really post, something insightful. Or at the very least a good welcome back to me blog lol! But I wanted to get my blog looking somewhat how I wanted to first(I decided it needed an overhaul). I wanted something simple, but fun with maybe a bit of whimsy thrown in there. Once I figured out what I wanted I figured it would be simple. Yeah. No! I did mange to find and install a simple layout with 3 columns as desired, and find a header I wanted. I just can't get the header to show up! Argh!

So after fighting with it for awhile. I am going to temporarily admit defeat and go to bed. I think I will let my technical savior figure it out when he's able.

Good night all! And yes. I'm officially back!