Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh My!

A week until moving day!

Am I ready?? NO!! But we do have a lot done already, and will be ready when we need to be. I've been pretty good about not being to Sad about going. After all it's not THAT far. But it is far enough that we won't be around that often. I had it in my head that I'd be back a lot, then when we drove out there I realized how long it was and how hard that would be to do very often.

I found myself teary walking away from Church today. We have such an awesome group of friends and support here. Some really amazing people. Getting into the van I shed my first tears. I imagine there will be more over this coming week(like now as I type). I find myself gazing over the backyard realizing this is not going to be my daily view. Ack! I wasn't going to make this all sentimental and it happened anyways!

I can hear Payton playing the backyard with the kids from upstairs, and I know this is going to be quite the adjustment for her. I've got her enrolled in a soccer camp the week after we move, I'm hoping it will help her adjust. I'm just going to have to keep her busy and find some kids for her to play with.

But what an adventure it's going to be!


Miss-buggy said...

I am sorry cause I am selfish. I don't want you to go. I feel like I am losing you. I am gonna miss you so bad. I just held onto pay today. She said, "we will still see one another" she is so sweet.
14 years baby. I find myself crying too.......sorry...I am happy for you though.

Anonymous said...

you're going to be missed by a lot of people. take care of yourself, and keep on blogging so we know how you're all doing. Hugs Linda

Kaylyn said...

Yes, day trips to Van!!! Look foward to hearing about your new adventures! So need to plan trips to stanley park and aquarium!