Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello World

Today was a good day. You know, not hugely exciting, or even very busy, just good. The kind of day when you sit back, look around and just smile. I felt reminded today how good it is to be here, to be so lucky, so loved, so alive.

Rod's Dad and Step-mom(whom I LOVE) came over and brought picnic lunch. As I was tidying this morning I was not panicked about having people over. Just excited that they were coming. When I realized that I felt so peaceful. Like maybe I can give up my need for perfectionism and just enjoy things more. I have found lately that my fear of failure keeps me from doing more, enjoying more, and just living in the moment. I hadn't realized that it crept into my housekeeping as well. I don't entertain much. I never feel like my space is neat enough, big enough, or just nice enough. I have got to let that go. I want to have people here, to have people feel comfortable here. I think I'm making a start.

We had just a great visit. The girls love playing with their grandparents and we grown ups got to visit too. Rod got to take them for a tour of his work, then they watched the girls so I could take a tour! Wow that place is incredible! Rod absolutely loves his job, and it was so very worth it to move closer. I really enjoy seeing him so happy.

I fed and played with the girls after our visitors left, then off to bed for them. I love love love watching them play and interact. I was an only child so this is all new to me and I feel so fortunate that they have so much love for each other. Payton is such an amazing big sister, she prayed last night at dinner that Mommy have another baby. I was so surprised, how cute is that? I guess she likes Sam if she figures we should have another lol!

Then I sit down to check my email and found that I won a giveaway off a blog I've been enjoying lately! How cool that? I really need to update my links because I've found some really amazing blogs I want to pass along. Which is yes what I've been doing online instead of writing on my own blog(blush). For now I'll pass along a few links that are worth a check out,

Jessica at Juicy-Bits(where I won the prize)
Melissa at Yummygoods
Mary at Owlhaven
Amanda at SouleMama (I have her book The Creative Family, which I LOVE)
Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls
Bridget at Everyday Chaos (she just had a beautiful baby last week)
Sandi at PortabelloPixie

And last but not least

Little Birdie Secrets who have been having awesome back to school tutorial all last week!

Now I'm off to see if I can find some pics to add because a post without pics really seems naked don't you think?

The girls all ready for their first ride behind Rod's new electric bike. That bike is really a lot of serious fun! It means even me who is seriously out of shape can pull the trailer with both girls in it up a hill. It's not like a motorbike in that it's only power assist, you still have to pedal(well maybe not on flats). I was still plenty tired and sweaty after our last bike ride.

Bike in action, you think he likes it? The girls love it, "Faster Daddy FASTER!" lol, so fun!


Owlhaven said...

Thanks so much for the link!!

Mary, mom to 10

Jessica said...

Congrats! I love all of those same blogs as fact I love your blog now that I found it through Juicy Bits! I'm going to have to keep reading away...and I love that electric bike!

Susan Kirchmayer said...

how fun for the girls!!!! some awesome memories.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Thanks for the shout out! You have an adorable family and blog!

Miss-buggy said...

this so cool. I have seen a difference in you too. I miss you like crazy but I am happy for the change for you and your family.

Cooper loves the bike trailer as well. Are both Sam and Pay waving? Or is Sam holding the helmet?

I am glad you made this move really. I see a change in you.

And kids do have a link to God, more then we as adults think (so I believe) Maybe you will have a baby sibling for Pay. Too cute!

Love you guys and miss you.

Anonymous said...

hi michelle, grandma and grandpa loved the pics, in Perugia and about to head to rome. We got our grandkid fix. Hugs and kisses.