Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paytons First Day of Preschool(2nd year). Alternative title: I'm such a poser

This is what happened right after I said "Let's get some pictures of your first day!"

"How about a smile?"

Payton says "ROAR!"

After "Why don't you put your head down by your sister and I'll take a picture of you together."

Sam thought it was all very amusing.

After I asked if she was excited.

I would say that was a yes.

Pay's squishy smile that is seen commonly in pictures these days.

Sam's still amused.

The only shot that she's standing still in. After all that work to get her to stand still I like the others better, this just doesn't show her personality!


Miss-buggy said...

you are right. The last one doesn't show her personality but I love them all. Sigh.....your girls grew too fast!

Sue said...

i LOVE your girls...they both have such great personality.