Wednesday, September 03, 2008

That's one cute baby

Here is one of the things I was working on. A blanket for a new little one. I have to admit that I have to dig for boy suitable fabric in my stash. I have lots of girly prints, not so much for the boyish prints. I wonder why that would be lol!

I kept it really simple, I didn't have much time. It's just 2 layers, the 3 prints(4 stripes) on one side, and the fuzzy super soft dotted blue on the other. I want to give quilting a try, machine quilting not hand, but I want a walking foot for my machine before I attempt that. I'm thinking it won't be until after Christmas as I have so many other things on my list before that.

I just love the texture of the bumps. Little hands just love it.

And of course a couple pics of the blanket it action.

Isn't he a cutie?


Miss-buggy said...

he really is cute. The blanket looks awesome!

Cooper STILL loves that blanket you made him. It is freaking summer and he asks to have it on him. I may have to put in a request for a bigger one. :P He loves how soft it is and cuddly.