Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving *edited to add Payton's list

As much as I am looking forward to turkey dinner I am so conscious this year of all I have to be thankful for. Even my worst day would be someones best day. I've been making an effort to be thankful everyday, I'm thinking I should have a thankful journal because Thanksgiving should last more than one day a year!

I'm thankful for(in no particular order):

My wonderful husband
My beautiful girls
My Mom
The rest of my family
Close friends
A great place to live
Food on the table
Rod has a job he loves.
My health and the health of my family
That I can stay home with my girls
I live in Canada
I am free to be who I am and believe what I do
A warm place to sleep
The phone and the Internet that keep me connected.
My renewed creative energy
A God that loves me
Faith that gets me through the days I don't feel so thankful.

*Edited to add this*

Payton and I talked about Thanksgiving and I asked her what she was thankful for she said:

Going to see Oma
Sam Sam
Doing art with Mom
The new playground at School
Being with my Family
Falling leaves

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Jessica said...

I agree Thanksgiving should be more than just one day a year. I enjoy making thankful lists every year to help me remember all of the gifts I have!

Miss-buggy said...

that's awesome. You have a smart cookie there!