Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In search of some good pumpkin recipes

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and came home with some rather large pumpkins. My hope is to not let the pumpkin go to waste. The seeds of course will be a welcome treat but I want to try some cooking and/or baking with pumpkin. It's something I haven't tried before so I need some suggestion/recipes. I did find a few online that sound good, any suggestions??


Kristin said...

pumpkin pie is of course a favorite, as is pumpkin bread. YUMMM :)

I also really love pumpkin soup baked right in the pumpkin itself. YUMMMMM :)


Miss-buggy said...

Cooper really liked the mashed up pumpkin when he was little. Boil it and prepare it like you would potatoes, except just use water that it is cooked in to make it smoother. No butter or anything. Baby food I know but he REALLY liked it. I should try it again. Add a little cinnamon too is always nice. Plain and simple. LOL