Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We love books.

I don't know about you but I love books. I've been reading ferociously for as long as I can remember. I would take books out of the library in stacks, even as a teen. 10-15 novels at a time and have them all finished by the time they were due. Since having kids I have a new obsession, childrens books, oh and craft books:) I thought I would share a few recent favorites. Grrrr...I can't get the link without the button underneath it to work. Sorry about that. I'm not trying to sell you books, I promise. Just show you what we've been enjoying.

Payton's favorite at the moment is The Balloon Tree. It is a library book so eventually we will have to return it, but this one is going on our wish list. The story and illustrations are beautiful. Payton asks for it every night and I really enjoy reading it(which makes it two thumbs up)

Another library favorite at the moment is Lily Browns Paintings. This is a really fun book about a young girl and her art. I love how it encourages kids to paint things however they want. I find so often that kids are encouraged to create only "realistic" things. If their cow is purple, or trees have shoes(as in the book) they are made to feel their creation isn't good because it's not realistic. I try to encourage Payton to use her imagination, and that whatever she wants to draw or create it's fantastic because it's hers. Art is so relative and is different for everyone, I know I hesitate to do things for fear of what other people think and am trying to get over that and just create. I hope I can instill that in my girls.

Fairy Houses is one we own and has been read over and over again. Pay is really into fairies right now, and I have to admit, so is mom!

We just got this book through a school scholastic order and I love it. It's really simple in words and art but what it does say is so big. This may have been a purchase more for mom than the girls as I teared up the first time I read it. I think I may have to get another copy so each child has their own. Payton loved how the baby grew up and had a baby of her own. She loves to talk about how things grow right now, including herself!

This is also a brand new addition, that I haven't actually read to Payton yet but will today. It's really a fun book about livestock that goes on strike. It really made me giggle and I'm sure Payton will enjoy it. Sam may actually sit for this one as well as she loves animals.

I LOVE this book. This is another library book that is going on my wish list, maybe even Christmas list. It is aimed at Children a little older than mine but I think it's a fantastic book. It's 23 different artists writing to children about their artwork, their inspirations, and tips and encouragements for the kids. It's so great for inspiration. Each artist has done a self portrait(in their own style of course), as well as a fold out of more of their artwork. It's a hardcover book that goes for about $22 on with proceeds going to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. I think it's a good value for this book.

I also got some inspiration in the mail this week, which are not actually books, but thought I would share them anyways :)

I got my new Ottobre Magazine. They are a company from Finland and the magazines are full of childrens fashion(they also have womens fashion) and every outfit comes with pattern and instructions. This is the winter 6/2008 issue and has some wonderful things in it like usual.

I also received some long awaited for patterns from Sandi Henderson over at Portabellopixie. The patterns are just beautiful with full colour detailed instructions. I can't wait to sew up something from these. The link to check out the patterns is here. It does appear though that she's having some website issues at the moment so here are the links to her post about them, Claire, Analise, Gracie, Ruffle Pants, and the Market Bag.

All right, back to real life now. I smell something suspicious.


blue said...

You should check out Storybox. They are great for Kids aged 3-6 and have a drawing competition on this month in association with Sesame Street!

Amber K. said...

I am crazy about children's books as well. . .I probably check them out more for me than for the kids- but they enjoy them too :) LOVE: Jane Chapman, Holly Hobbie, Lludwig Bemelmans . . .just to scratch the surface!

Tammy said...

Click Clack Moo is a favorite of ours. There is also another written by the same author called Giggle Giggle Quack. Not QUITE as cute as the cow one, but fun nonetheless.

One of my favorites as a child was Miss Suzy, a story about a squirrel and her friends.

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

some of these look good. I will bookmark this and check them out!