Friday, January 09, 2009


Well I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! I was pretty busy leading up to Christmas but the truth is I'm trying to decide how much a part of my life I want the internet to be. It's such a time eater. I do miss writing on my blog so that's going to remain but I always put such pressure on myself to post everyday and that they have to full of substance. I think I will try for 2-3 posts a week then I should be fine. I also have a list of blogs I follow that is taller than I am. I'm going to cut that down dramatically. I think maybe I'm internet overwhelmed?? Lol!

I have some things I made over Christmas to show you, as well as a Christmas re-cap(I know it's January but I also use this space to remember), and a late New Years type post.

So yes, I'm still around, and intend to be.



Kaylyn said...

Yeah!! A Chelley post! It is easy to get internet overwhelmed. I have a nasty habit for an hour or more a day. But, I do prefer it over TV these days. So, one bad habit for

Miss-buggy said...

I would just write when you feel like you have the time. don't set a certain number of days.
I am guilty of using it too much and need to cut it down myself. Some times I have multiple post ideas for my blog other weeks nothing. lol. Go as you feel lead.
and I agree with Kay. YAY! A Chelley post!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I can relate. I had to shorten my reading list significantly! So much great stuff out there, so little time.

I wanted to say thanks for delurking at my blog! I'm bummed that Mr. Random didn't choose your number (well, maybe not depending on the prize my hubby picks, lol). But I hope you'll still keep visiting occasionally, and maybe even commenting. :)

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

now it makes sense why you have the 'knitting" bug...
Linda C.