Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I should never....

I should never get my hopes up. Every time I think that Payton has decided that sleep is not so bad, she changes her mind. Maybe it's just to stir things up a little, maybe she was just storing away that extra sleep to give me a really rough time, I just don't know.

Sunday night's lack of sleep was my fault, we drove Rod to the Airport at an absurd hour. Last night she was so unsettled, up every 30-60min tossing and turning, and crying. Then to top it off I had an upset stomach. So I didn't get any sleep until 430 when I gave up and brought her to bed with me. Then she only had one nap today!! AHHHHHH. So put her to bed early because she is tired and she screams for an hour and a half before going to sleep, it makes me feel so bad!! I start to get overwhelmed again and think I just can't do this I'm not a good Mom, then I remember I am just overtired and tomorrow is another day. I just don't understand why my baby won't sleep!! I LOVE TO SLEEP. Hopefully when Rod gets home tomorrow she'll settle back into routine!!

Is it wrong to look forward to retirement at this point??


rose said...

i guess, as the first to post a comment, i get to break the bad news to you. mothers (and fathers) never get to retire.

my oldest lives in Fort St. John, and I still worry. bad news from him can cause lack of sleep, and not hearing from him is even worse. it's the love in us for our children that never retires.

or were you talking about rod's work?

Lori said...

i may be crazy but i still vote for the sleeping pill solution and ignoring the screaming. she'll get it, honestly, they all do. babies totally understand cause and effect.

Miss-buggy said...

I think you are a great mom and you are doing a great job. I don't think I could ever do what you do.