Sunday, January 23, 2005

Howz everyone??

So I haven't been online much recently but I'm back I just spent an hour catching up on everyone's blogs and I still have much to read!! The writing bug has bit me again!!!

So we're doing well, over all nights are better than they were. The formula is definintely helping, usually we are up to feed her twice, sometimes once, occasionally three times. It's just bedtime and naptime we are working on now. Tonight is the third night in a row we have put her to bed and not gone back. I used to think this was incredibly cruel but the only thing Payton learnt from our going back in to reassure her was that if she cries hard enough or long enough, Mom or Dad WILL come. She's a smart little thing, I think babies are smarter than we give them credit for. So the first night she cried for 2 hours, yup she definitely has stamina!! Last night a measly hour(hehe), and today.....drumroll please..........35min!! So we are making progress, but I shouldn't say that, as I have previously stated I shouldn't get my hopes up!!


Jenn said...

giggle. we are working on nap times too! So far she's been down for an hour :) Next step.....regular naps!! maybe then i can get caught up on the housework.

Miss-buggy said...

WOW!! 35 minutes!! That's a feat in itself. She is a smart little cookie. That's one of the reasons we love her so.