Sunday, January 23, 2005

My own paparazzi

Who needs fame??? Who needs fortune??? I am loved, I am adored!!!

I have PAYTON!!!!

She watches my every move, I am closely monitored at all times, big beautiful eyes closely scrutinizing me and my life. I guess I should make sure I am living by example!!!


Shari said...

The reward of long sleepless nights, heartbreaking times of establishing routines and the endless laundry is the incredible admiration of this tiny creature God has entrusted us with. Just wait till you hear "I love you, Mommy" for the first times. Your heart just may burst, but your purpose will be clear. :)

linda said...

oh no...not dr.seuss! You should try Robert Munsch..he's got some great kids books, although some of the younger ones get a little scared with "Paper Bag Princess" but most are pretty funny.

Shari said...

Nothing wrong with Dr. Suess!! My baby girl likes it, it's one the few she will sit still for and listen too.