Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another Random thought

What does your screen name(sign in name)say about you??

I am usually Chmiley for example, which derived from two nicknames in high school, Smiley and Chelly.

Rod's is Rod-Bot, which explains itself when you find out he took Robotics at BCIT.

Every time I surf the net I come accross huge variation in screen names. Some are self explanitory, names for example, some are usual, some are very unusual and I always wonder if they are trying to tell me something or if it was just something that sounded cool.


Miss-buggy said...

Mine is from two nicknames too. You know that one though!!! You always called me Miss and Phil calls me bug.
Funny how these things come together hey?

Shari said...

I have two screen names:
Muck or Muckles: which comes from a childhood nickname which evolved out of my last name
Fruitloop_girl: long story, but it started more as a joke and stuck. From this I get called Fruity, or Loopy.

susanna said...

the name given to me by a costa rican customs officer in march 2000. still used by my costa rican famiy. (besides, i always wished it was my real name...)