Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Random thought

I saw a commercial the other day that amused me. Advil is now making migraine medication, which is great. Nothing short of T3's help my migraines but it's nice they are coming out with more options.

It was the last line in the commercial that made me laugh, "Now availiable in Extra-strength", why would anybody make regular strength medication for migraines?? Obviously someone whose never had one!!


kaybrayshay said...

Another commercial that makes you wonder:the Sunrype one. Where they have little sputs on all the apples. Like come on, come up with better pitchs. I could make better commercials!!

Shari said...

The Advil migraine medication really works, if you catch the migraine before it hits the point of you hitting the floor. And they are very pretty green pills.
LOL @ extra-strength