Saturday, February 12, 2005

I got off my couch for this

I decided if I don't write about Payton and her sleep ect I wouldn't be writing very often!!

So we've had two incredibly fussy days. And a 1 good night(only up once) since I last wrote. Mommy not feeling well has only made things worse. We went to visit a friend of mine and her son, I figured if she's going to be fussy if we are out at least there is distractions!!! We entered our babies in a cutest baby contest, couldn't resist, but she wouldn't smile for her picture :( So even though I KNOW she's the cutest baby in the world she probably won't win. Those cute toothless grins always win. But it was fun anyways!!

So pretty much same old same old here, I think I'm going to back to the couch now!!!