Saturday, April 02, 2005

She's reverting

I just don't understand. This parenting thing is very confusing. Her sleeping habits are getting worse again, she was doing so well at one point, even sleeping through the night. Now she's back to being up at 11ish, and 3ish and 5ish. I'm really starting to feel run down again. I've been told she shouldn't NEED to eat at night anymore she just WANTS to. But she's so insistant and goes right back to sleep once fed. I just don't know, I hate it when she cries. So we are trying something new starting right now(Rod's feeding her), when she wakes up to eat she has to stay in her crib(I'm under suspicion she just wants the cuddles) she can eat but isn't allowed up. We'll see how that goes. If she's just up for cuddles(and I wouldn't blame her) she "should" wake up less. Who knows, this feels so hard.


linda said...

hang in there...eventually you'll have to nag her to get up!

kaybrayshay said...

you are a wonderful mom.payton is extremely lucky to have you and rod as parents. it is frusterating not knowing what is it that they want. linda is day she'll want to sleep in & be able to tell you what she wants!! love you and hang in there!

Shari said...

Its probably a growth spurt. It is not at all uncommon for babies to go through this when they go through a growth spurt.
It could also be, because of her age, that she just needs to connect with you. Babies between 7 and 10 months are starting to understand better that you are still near by even at night when they can't see you. Cicki went through a period of waking up from nightmares from about 5 months until just recently. Up a couple times just needing a little cuddling and comfort before she could fall back asleep.

According to my doctor, you should never ever give a baby a bottle in bed. Vicki has never had one, but my oldest two did, and they seem ok. From what I understand, there is some danger of choking.. but the bigger problem is the "baby bottle tooth decay". The milk sugars left on their teeth after feedings can cause their new teeth to decay. So they recommend daily brushing as soon as teeth emerge and wiping with a soft cloth after feedings between brushings. My step daughter lost her two front teeth to this, so I know it is real.
Anyways.... blah blah blah... i clearly talk to much. Just be patient with Payton and forgiving of yourself, cause you are a GOOD mom and your intincts were given to you by God, cause He knows you will take good care of this gift He has given you.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the support guys!! I know about the baby tooth rot and choking stuff, we never leave a bottle with her we stay untill it's finished and take it out with us. That's what we're trying anyways, I'm not sure whe will get up any less. She goes right back to sleep after eating, it's not like she's up and trying to play or anything. I'm not yet prepared to not feed her because she seems hungry, AHHHHH, I just don't know(about the night waking)!! I'm not worried about her teeth yet, mainly because she doesn't have any yet!! Babies really should come with an instruction manual, God could do that if he wanted to. He can do anything, why not that??

Shari said...

I definitely agree. An instruction manual would be most helpful. Wouldn't it be great... and for 40 days and nights.... hehe.