Monday, April 25, 2005

The Superstore Incident(x2)

Incident #1

Last Monday I was in Superstore buying groceries. Picking out some jarred baby food I accidentally knock one off the shelf. Sweet potatoe plunges to the ground with a nice smash. I step back automatically so the jar doesn't land on my foot instead sweet potato soaks my foot(and my brand new CLOTH flip flops), and the bottom of my jeans as the jar lands. @#*&$@(#). So I'm trying not to walk around because I don't want to a) leave the glass unsupervised b) spread sweet potato all over the store as I walk c) feel the sweet potato as it squishes between my toes. But as there is no one in sight I am forced to venture out to find someone to help. As I'm walking I glance down to see if I'm tracking gunk all over the floor and I notice my foot is no longer orange but red. Crap I'm bleeding. It didn't hurt but looked nasty as it bled a lot and mixed with the sweet potato to form a thick congealed looking gooey mess. Pretty I know. So finally by the cosmetics I find 2 employee's the first takes off to clean the mess. I then ask for something to clean my foot off with. She glanced down and almost freaked out(it did look pretty gross). She started asking if I was ok, can I walk, really really worried. I was fine, embarrassed-yes in pain-no. So she calls first aid(at this point I'm starting to get really embarrassed) who is the assistant manager, whom takes me to the back to check it out(you really can't see the cut at this point.) So here I am sitting in the back room with some strange man washing my foot. I was mortified, I kept thinking "at least I cut my nails". So finally he determined there was no glass in the cut and I was fine(I knew that) and let me go. I ran straight for the tills and got out of there. The cut never hurt,yet developed a nasty bruise all the way around it. I wasn't going to share this story because of my humiliation but after the incident today I felt I should, which leads me to

Incident #2

Back at Superstore, again buying jarred baby food. Being VERY careful not to knock any off. I have the food sitting behind Payton in a cart. As we are shopping she keeps turning trying to grab at the food. Being paranoid I move anything breakable to the bottom level, free from wandering hands. Minutes later SMASH, I can't freaking believe it. I don't know where she found that jar(yes it was sweet potato again), it must have been hiding, but she found it. I stare in disbelief at the floor in front of me and the sweet potato once again wedged between my toes(DIFFERENT fabric sandals @#$%@##*). I wait in horror to see if I'm bleeding, holding my breath. Finally I decide I'm not injured(THANK GOODNESS) and flag an employee working close by to clean up the mess. Quickly(ignoring my soiled foot) I move to the check out. As I am waiting in line I notice the assistant manager on duty, Yup-same one. If I had cut my foot again it would have been the SAME GUY washing my foot. Can you imagine?? As I'm leaving I have to walk by him, I make sure my foot covered with sweet potato is as hidden as possible and make move as quickly as I can without raising suspicion. I think I'm going to stay away from baby food for awhile. Good grief!!


Miss-buggy said...

At least no more sweet potatoes!!
Ah man!

Shari said...

LOL... oh my gosh Michelle. What are the odds???? Maybe there is a message in that somewhere. Message in a bottle. Lol... ok... apparantly I am tired and more than a little off today.

Soo... seeming as how I am moving in 3 weeks and will be needing new stuff... how about an Ikea trip after we move, but before the kids are done with school cause I dont want to bring them. The girls will have a "Can I have that?" list as long as my arm! =)

Lori said...

hahhahahahahahaha! baby daze.

kaybrayshay said...

Maybe it is time to switch Payton to all solids!! lol