Tuesday, June 07, 2005


So my van was stolen last night. I didn't even know it was gone until the police called to tell me they had found it!!! It was just down the road in a neighbors driveway. Crazy!! It didn't sound like there was much damage, the ignition needs to be fixed before I can have it back and they are taking it for fingerprinting. I need to call ICBC but I want to calm down first. It's not the van I am upset about, it's the feeling of not being safe, of being violated. It's creepy.

I am also really upset about our trip, the timing is horrible. We were supposed to be leaving today, we had already postponed this trip once. It wouldn't be an issue as we could always leave later but some of my relatives are leaving next week for their own vacations and we wanted to go while I still have maternity pay. I am so disappointed, I'm not sure how this is all going to work out. We could take the car but the car seat(which is still in the van, I asked) only fits in the car if the seat is all the way forward because she is still rear facing, and that would be incredibly uncomfortable for a 12 hour drive. I don't know, I'm feeling so overwhelmed and fustrated I can't even think straight.

When Randy who lives upstairs' left for work at 3:30 it was still there. The cops called before 7, so it was only gone for a few hours tops, then it was dumped just down the street, it's very strange and sooooooo fustrating. What's with the timing?? Maybe we aren't supposed to go on this trip, I would be soooo upset. Anyways, just venting, what a great way to start a morning!! I'm so ticked!!

UPDATE: Well apparently it wasn't in a driveway, someone saw three men acting suspiciously with a mini-van on their property and called police. If I want more details I have to talk with the Constable about it. The receptionist was having a hard time figuring out where my file was because it was listed as a suspicious person not a stolen vehicle. I was just trying to find out when I could have my car seat back. My meeting with ICBC isn't until Thursday, and then it'll be sent somewhere for repair, so we are postponing our trip and trying to figure out when we can go later. :0( Bummer.


susanna said...

oh my. praying for you this morning. that just sucks!!!

Sue said...

Rest in His love He knows that the plans that He has for you are good.

Lori said...

man, i'd appreciate it if someone stole my van!

kaybrayshay said...

Oh man...Praying for you...love ya

Shari said...

I would have to venture a guess that you are not supposed to be going on that trip right now.

So can you get the carseat, or do you have to wait for the van to be released to you?

Curly said...

man that sucks shelly... i hope everything goes good... love shannon

Miss-buggy said...

That so sucks and I hate the feeling of being Violated. Lori - don't know if you would want to wish that!! Our car was broken into so many times that we hoped someone would steal it. Well, they did one day. But then the cops found it the next morning and we had to pay the darn deductable to get it fixed.
Chel.... I agree with Sushi. Pray. Curl into His arms. Like I said, maybe for some reason unknown to us, you are supposed to go at a later date. It will all work out.
Praying for you.
Love you