Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Found this while blog surfing...too funny!!

Ode to a dearly departed friend

O Night of uninterrupted sleep, O Night of uninterrupted sleep,
Where for art thou, O Night of uninterrupted sleep?
Our relationship is gone and I miss it dearly.
You must have been jealous of my children because you left when they were born.
You have abandoned me when I needed you most and introduced you evil twin,
Night of waking up to feed baby, rock baby, comfort preschooler after nightmares, change wet sheets.
Did I take you for granted? Most assuredly, but if you come back to me I promise never to take you for granted again.

found it here.


Miss-buggy said...

OH!!! things to look forward to!!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Rod

Shari said...

its funny cause its true!!