Friday, September 02, 2005


I think I have finally figured it out. My issues aren't with life, rather with my expectations of life. And I think that's an all encompassing statement. My expectations are too high, expectations of myself, my life, my husband, my kid, even God. When your expectations are that high it's much to easy to get disappointed and disillusioned. So how does one go about lowering expectations???


Miss-buggy said...

I don't know, but oncec you figure it out can you let me in on it?
Funny our expectations are so darn high when in reality we may just already be all that God wants us to be.

kaybrayshay said...

I think the only way lower them is to live in the moment. Dont over plan. I think that it has worked for me. You have had a huge step by admitting how you feel, sweetie :)