Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I was going to post some pictures of Paytons 1st.....1st birthday party?? That sounds strange!! Anyways the party with the relatives back in Alberta. But then I realized that all the pictures are on Rods laptop which is at his work. So that will have to happen sometime later. The Party was really nice. Chloe(my cousin) turns 2 on the 21 of July, so it was a joint birthday party. We went shopping the week before and found matching shirts for all three girls(Darby, my other cousin is 3.5). It was so cute!! Trying to get them to sit in one place and get a picture of all three in their matching shirts was another story! There were relatives there who hadn't met Payton before, it was great to see them!!

Anyways we are having her "at home" party this Sun afternoon. If anyone's interested in coming that I haven't mentioned it to please let me know!! It's just a casual barbecue, I can't believe she's already 1!!!


Miss-buggy said...

This should be fun!!