Monday, August 22, 2005

Odds and Ends

So life feels pretty hectic lately. Hectic and overwhelming, but not in an entirely bad way, just different. I've never been one that adjusts to change very well, I'm happiest with complete security, always knowing what is coming. Yes I know that sounds boring but I just can't help it. So quitting my job really through me for a loop. There was no way I wanted to go back there, I know this is so much better, and I'm feeling a lot better about it than I have been recently. I still have moments of panic when I start thinking about finances and the fact that buying a house will probably be years from now. I just have to trust God to take care of us, and I know he will, yet I still struggle, but it's getting better. I have to figure out some sort of schedule and get my house organized so although I may still be overwhelmed from time to time, I won't feel like I'm in chaos all the time!! Besides a friend told me that life after kids stays overwhelming, that's why we need to lean on each other. Which sounds like good advice to me!!

On another note, we went to the lake yesterday. My plan was to grocery shop and work on my house yesterday, but when Misty invited us to go to Hayward lake we couldn't resist. We realized we hadn't been to out to the lake for the day in two summers!!, and with summer almost being over we figured we needed a day out. I actually went swimming, swam most of the way across and back. It felt so good, I came home feeling refreshed. My house was still a mess but my body and soul felt better!! Payton isn't much for the water yet, I'll have to get her into the water more to get her used to it. I am so tired this morning, Payton has had a couple rough nights. She woke several times last night just screaming I really had to work to calm her down. I'm not sure if those darn teeth are finally coming through or what but man I'm not used to severely interrupted sleep anymore. Sleepy....((((((yawn)))))))).......Oh and speaking of Payton, she's started walking!!! Just a few steps at a time, but her confidence and number of steps are growing quickly. Pretty soon I'll have a toddler!! Anyways that's enough for now!!


Shari said...

WTG Michelle. I know it's not easy to make big changes like that, especially ones that come with risk. I am sure you have made the right choice, as it seems that although its a little scary for you, there is a confidence coming through that is WONDERFUL to see!!!
YAY Payton.