Friday, December 30, 2005


It's 3 0'clock and we are all still in out jammies. So far the only accomplishment that has been made is the tree has been taken down. I looked into self-storage units and buying storage sheds, it's very expensive and depressing. I now am back to being overwhelmed and stressed out. Didn't take long did it? I guess I should stop worrying about everything and start cleaning.


L said...

is it bizzarre that you, and Rod and your Mom look sooo familar to me? Its driving me crazy!!!

Shari said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Michelle. Thanks for sharing. Gosh your little angel is a cutie-pie. And you are looking absolutely gourgeous yourself!!

As for working out storage, I sure hope you dont stress too much. I understand that challenge. My husband is far more creative than me in working it all out. Some people are just gifted that way. I'm more of a open-the-door-and-fire-it-in-and-close-the-door-quickly kind of person. **sigh**

Hugs... Happy New Year!!!