Friday, December 30, 2005

Now I am going to bore you with family pictures....

We had such a great time being in Alberta over Christmas. I have enjoyed the opportunity not only to get to know my cousins better and watch them grow, but to spend time with the rest of the family that I so rarely see. I miss them all SO much, and wish they lived closer. I have a ton of pictures and am going to share a few with you, well actually I am going to share many with you!!

Darby the photographer.
Rod and I.
Chloe. Can you see the trouble in her eyes? hehe! She and Payton are similar in so many ways. Their birthday is only two days apart, we think it may be a July baby thing. The super busy, into everything, mischievous, what can I get into today syndrome.....What do you think Misty, is it a born in July thing??
My cutie patootie!!


Miss-buggy said...

I don't know. What do you think? Maybe you can ask Phil and Sue too. I bet it is though. I wake up talking....