Thursday, January 12, 2006


Mama is tired. She has being really relaxed about making you sleep through the night. She can't stand the thought of not going to you when you cry at night, wondering why isn't my mama coming? She can handle getting up once at night to sooth you and cuddle you, you are growing so fast she doesn't want to miss a moment. She doesn't know if you've got more teeth coming, aren't feeling well, or are just taking advantage of her softness but you can't keep getting up 6 times a night. She will reach a breaking point and will be forced into a decision you won't like. A tired and sick Mama can't handle that many night time interruptions for very long. You are turning into a big girl and are perfectly capable of sleeping through the night, we know as you have done it before. So please PLEASE give your Mama a break and let her get some rest. She loves you very much and doesn't want to be forced into anything drastic!!

A very loving Mama