Friday, February 24, 2006

So I feel a little calmer today. Not so angry, but it comes and goes. I've grabbed ahold of a wait and see mentality and am trying not to stress prematurely, as much as I can help anyways.

Nights have been hard, sleep has been scarce. We are all tired around here. Rod is home today!! YEAH!! I haven't seen him to much this week. I hope Payton is feeling better soon and will decide again that her bed is a good friendly place to sleep. Our bed may be queen sized but with the 3 of us it's just full.

It looks like we will be going in to see the Dr. on Tues. I believe that will include an ultrasound. Then we will go from there.

I thought I had more to say, apparently not. I'll keep everyone updated.


Shari said...

keep hangin' in there. many are praying for you.

Miss-buggy said...

Man. Craziness around there hey. Might be time for a king size? I heard Payton on the other end of the phone. Poor baby girl sounds so sick. Awww...
Praying. Love you. Lots of hugs.

kaybrayshay said...

I am so glad that you came out with Mandy. It was so nice to have you here!! Praying for ya babe