Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The kids had just finished lunch and I was just sitting down to eat mine and write a quick blog when there was a knock on my door. Someone very special stopping by for a hug and to give me a potted rose plant. Something I could plant and keep with me, something whose beauty will remind me of what I've lost with joy rather than sadness. Exactly what I needed, my other blog has been saved as a draft to be finished at some future time.

I am so blessed, the people I have around me are amazing. I just have to learn to let them help, learn to let them support me. I must be radiating a need to be surrounded by beauty. I haven't been getting out much and when I do I haven't been captivated by the beauty that surrounds me. So instead it has been brought to me. 4 different times in the last few days someone has appeared at my door bearing beauty. 3 times with beautiful flowers and now with a beautiful Rose plant. Made me cry every time.

Thank you to everyone who has been holding me close while I try to work through this. The kind words, comments, emails, phone calls, prayers, and flowers are so wonderful. What would I do without you guys??

So now I just need to find the perfect pot for my roses.


Miss-buggy said...

God is moving...
Isn't the blessings that you are getting just wonderful?
Love you Chel.