Thursday, May 04, 2006

This and That

I've been wondering today who I really am. Me in the most precious most secret parts of me. The ones I don't share with anyone. What is it that makes me tick?

I feel lost, like I've lost who I am. I'm wife, mother, friend, child of God, but what does that really mean. They are titles, ways that describe who I am in reference to others. I am someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's friend. While these things are integral to my life and very important what does that really tell someone about me? What does that tell me about me?

If I were to stand alone what would be left? If I were to disappear what would be missed? Is what is there what I want to find? I think an overhaul is in order, inside out, things could get interesting.

Just for kicks: Things I love(besides family, friends, and God)

In no particular order:

1. Chocolate
2. Dancing
3. Music (especially something that makes me want to move)
4. An intimate evening
5. A nice purse
6. Sunny, windy days
7. A good glass of wine(or a martini, my new found love)
8. Fuzzy socks
9. A new haircut
10. Photography
11. A good thunderstorm
12. Scrapbooking
13. Flip-flops
14. Coffee(with friends is even better)
15. Blue jeans
16. A hot bath
17. A good hug
18. Mail in my In-Box
19. Not having to do the dishes


Kristi said...

is that Male in you box?

sorry just my kinky sense of humour kicking in.

Way to let some stuff out Michelle. Its good to see. Keep at it....the rest will come along with your answer.

kaybrayshay said...

You are me sweetie!! If i were to compile a list, we have alot of the same loves!

Maybe that is why we get along so well!!

Kristi said...

Did i mention...........
i really like your new Pic!!!

Very Nice!
Very nice indeed!!

steph said...

Hello! I stumbled over here from is really brave for you to voice all those feelings. The first thing I wondered is if you are a stay at home mom? The reason I ask is that I am also a stay at home mom and whenever I feel like that it is usually because I am not making myself feel valuable. Little things go along way... nice smelling bath salts for your bath, a pedicure, a new shirt...anything that makes you feel good! Keep on keepin' on!