Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm feeling very good today. Positive and alive. It's great. I have a blog forming in my head that had nothing to do with noise and space, but I need a vent so here we go.

I am SO tired of living in a basement suite.
I am SO tired of having 4(soon to be 5) LOUD kids upstairs.
I am SO tired of small living quarters.
I am SO tired of using our bedroom like a storage room.

K, I'm done. I was just boiling over. Payton was very hard to get down for her nap today and I finally had her down and the screaming and thumping upstairs woke her. Grrrrr....... I have been thinking about switching our bedrooms because ours is quieter. Right now her bedroom is directly under the room where all 4(yes 4) kids sleep. How crazy is that. They use the other rooms for a school room(she home schools) and a playroom. Whatever works I guess.

That said I do get along with everyone upstairs and generally like it here I've just found myself more irritated about the noise and space lately. And we will make due with what we have as we are fortunate to have a stable place to live.

Vent done.