Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Odds and Ends

I forgot to put my recycling out AGAIN!! My garbage did make it out thankfully, thanks to Rod.

My cat still isn't home, today is eight days.

Payton can now open doors, and unlock them! Fun fun!!

Payton has been singing "Rain rain go away" all day. Too cute!!

Did you know Sunlight dish soap makes good stain remover? I use it in a pinch when I run out of stain remover. Doing laundry must go on stain remover or not!!

I am not in maternity clothes yet!?!? Whats with that? My before pants must have been baggy cause I've definitely grown a pooch!!

Our ultrasound is scheduled for Oct 11th at 1pm.


Shari aka Fruitloopgirl - accept no imitations said...

hehe... yay for baby pooch!!!

kaybrayshay said...

You did lose good amount in the 1st 8 weeks though!!! You look amazing sweetie

Kristi said...

you are just tinier this time. Nothing wrong with that.
As long as you are healthy and so is baby.......
but mat clothes are jsut fun aren't they?