Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just for fun

I thought it would be fun to see what gender people think our baby is. Our ultrasound is scheduled for Oct when I'm 20weeks. I may call and try to change the time so I'll let everyone know when I know for sure when it will be. We will most likely find out the sex then, which is why I wanted to start the poll now. The midwife says that there is one technician at Med-Ray(which is where we are going) that won't tell you. So we have a 25% of not finding out!! So it may end up being a long poll if we can't find out!!

I guess only time will tell.

The poll is on my sidebar(on the right). I think it is working, please let me know if it isn't!


Miss-buggy said...

hehe...I made it go to 100%

Michelle said...

If your looking for the quiz I will have it up again soon. I changed my template so I have to re put on all my stuff.