Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Potty Trainng Chronicles continue

I haven't yet posted about yesterday. But before I get to that I had to share. SHE JUST PEED ON THE POTTY!!! YEAH!!! Completely!! I am so excited. We are making progress!!

Day 2

K, back to yesterday. The morning started out bad with a nice present in the panties. After that she was sort hit and miss, she would start to pee realize it and then tell us she needed to pee and would generally pee a little in the potty. Then one time she called me saying "oh no mommy pee pee!" As I turned around I noticed a little pee on the toilet seat and she was trying to get the panties off. She had gone to the potty by her herself and tried to pee on the potty then realized she still had panties on, then she called for me. We got the panties off and she peed on the potty!! Now there was a "trail" leading up to the potty but I was so excited that she had tried to go and sit without assistance!! Happy Dance!! So at bedtime we tried to get her to pee before we put the diaper back on to no avail, so we put the diaper and jammies on. As she was brushing her teeth she turned to me with a frantic look on her face "PEE MOM!! Pee!!" She was trying to get her jammies and diaper off. By the time we got them off and her onto the potty it was to late but I was impressed she didn't want to pee in the diaper!!

Sorry to all those I'm boring completely with all this potty talk I promise to return to the regularly scheduled programming soon.


Sue said...

Are potty talk and potty mouth the same thing?

Michelle said...

Sometimes. At least in my head!!