Monday, November 20, 2006

Complaining again

I'm sick. Head achy, congested, tired, Sore throat, achy, yucky sick. :( It shouldn't surprise me as I've been so run down lately. It just hit me suddenly. Payton has also been whiny, mommy attached, and congested. So I don't think she's feeling well either :(


The weather just got nasty!! Raining coming down sideways, wind blowing strong. I DON'T WANT ANOTHER STORM!! I like my power on(whine whine complain complain)


I'm out of laundry soap.


James Goudie said...

my right shoulder hurts (from work)
my ribs hurt on the left side (bruised at work)
my left wrist is getting sore (from work)
i'm getting nose bleeds quite often
and my back is stiff


susanna said...

but its almost christmas!!! put on some christmas music and make some hot chocolate.....