Friday, November 17, 2006


Looks like we won't be going on the train on Sun. I was so looking forward to it. :(

Rod leaves for a work trip that day. He forgot about our plans. It's all booked and they are expecting him Mon morning.

I probably shouldn't be so upset but I've been looking forward to it for so long. I could go without him but we've hardly seen him this week(and he's going to be late again tonight) and then he'll be gone on the trip. I think Payton needs the time with her Dad. And I'm honestly so tired right now I can't even fathom trekking into Van for a day by myself with Payton, especially when it looks like the weather isn't going to be nice.

Sigh.....I think I'm farther into exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm than I thought.


Mandy said...

Oh I'm so sorry babe. I know you were looking forward to that. :( :(

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
Hang in there, this too shall pass. Just remember that you are an amazing mother, and being an instrument of God, bringing yet another miracle into this world. You are beautiful.

linda said...

if you're talking the Santa train,
it's running again on Dec.9th. Maybe you can make it that day.
Vancouver would be nuts on Sunday with the santa parade and the grey cup parties...and what happens if the power goes out again? (trying to make you feel better)

Michelle said...

Thanks guys!!

We're already busy on the 9th!

But I've decided that we will make this work on Sun, somehow. I really want to go and think I may be resentful if I don't. I think Rod will meet us somewhere, maybe take the sky train part of the way in. Then go straight from there to the airport.

Things always look better in the morning!