Friday, November 17, 2006

Well that was fun.....

Well not really!! No power for almost 14 hours with a 2 year old was quite an experience. She thought it was fun for awhile but eventually as the sun went down and she got tired, it just wasn't funny anymore. What do you mean there is no lights? What do you mean I can't watch a show? What do you mean you can't warm up my milk? She was not a happy camper. No power with well water is interesting as well, no power means no water. It's amazing how much more I appreciate being able to flush the toilet, it really is a luxury. I cheered when the power came on.

I'm tired today, this week has been long long long. And it was a short week! Sun we attacked out room, there is still so much to do but at least now we know what has to be done and where everything that needs sorting is. It feels good to have started to make room for the baby. Payton walked into our room on Mon morn and exclaimed "NO MESS!!!", what does that tell you? Mon we went shopping with my mom. It was awesome, we hit Value Village and went from there. She ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff for Payton which she really needed(shoes, coats ect). I can't say how much relief I felt this week when the storm started and I knew I had proper clothes for Payton to wear. Thanks Mom!! You rock. She still needs a really good winter jacket but we have layers for her that will suffice nicely in the meantime. Tues I had Matthew and managed to do a bunch of organizing, wed was the power outage, yesterday I had Payton's Musikids class and the dentist( :p). It's been a go go go week and I'm feeling it. I don't so how it's going to slow down any either being that Christmas is so close! There will continue to be tons that needs doing.

I feel so pregnant. I don't remember feeling so pregnant so early last time. But I tire so easily and feel it in my back and belly already when I need to slow down. Sleeping the last couple nights has already gotten uncomfortable. I feel way bigger at this point than last time but have actually gained less, maybe it's just all out front, I'm not sure.

Well, I think that's enough for whining! I really am looking forward to Christmas and all the festivities that surround it. I love spending time with family and friends. I love looking at the lights and listening to carols. I love the Candle Light parade. We're taking the Santa train into Vancouver and the Rogers Christmas parade on Sun!! I'm very excited to take Payton on the train, I think she's going to have so much fun!! I'm looking forward to making my Christmas Cards. I'm looking forward to the LaFarge Christmas Party, Payton had a blast last year, she's so fun to watch! I've been having fun looking at all the toys, Payton is to young to be asking for anything specific so we get to check everything out and decide what we want to play with, just kidding!!(but we will play!!)

I could go on, but now I'm just killing time and this post has gotten long! I need to go tidy while my kid is sleeping and I have an ounce of ambition left!!


jewels said...

What is the Santa train? That sounds fun!

linda said...

it's a train that goes from the Fraser Valley into Vancouver twice during the holiday season, stopping at the pickup towns along the way. Santa appears on board talking to the kids. In order to get on board for free, you bring an unwrapped new toy that will be given out to a child in need by the Christmas Bureau. I work with the collection of the toys and people are very generous. Thank you to everyone that donates!

Michelle said...

Yeah the West Coast Express runs into Vancouver, with Santa on board. This weekend it co-insides with the big Rogers Parade downtown. Payton has a thing for trains right now so she'll love it.