Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can we say busy??

Wow, life is busy. I've been trying to get all the last minute shopping done, not so easy with a toddler who doesn't like to shop and a very pregnant belly. I decided today that once I have 2 kids I will be staying home a lot more!! haha!! I think ***Think*** I have only one person left and a couple little things left to find. But there is always something I forget until last minute. Pictures are done, parcels are sent, 2/3 of Christmas cards are done and sent, the tree is up(although I have someone who likes to undecorate it, then redecorate it).

So the to-do list is shrinking!! YEAH!! And my sanity level has remained steady. I don't think I'm going to get any baking done this year, but that's ok because I know who would eat it! I still have a couple projects on the go that are taking up much time but I'm having fun working on them so as long as I can deal with lack of sleep for a bit longer it's all good!

I've been trying to look at everything as something fun instead of something stressful(thanks Liz). Today I focused on the moments when my kid had me in stitches instead of the moments I thought I was going to loose it with her. It made the day much more enjoyable!

I find myself thinking about Mary a lot. How amazing would it be to feel the kicks and wiggles from a baby within and know not only were you carrying a child but a savior, your savior, the worlds savior? To know that this little bundle that was making you so uncomfortable and bringing you so much joy at the same time was going to change the world? Did she smile and rub her belly as Jesus kicked her, did she push little elbows and feet as they poked out at her, was she scared at the responsibility that had been handed to her, did she worry about her abilities as a mother? My guess is yes. I have a hard time thinking about her as a real person, but she was, with real everyday thoughts and worries.

Let's all remember as we approach Christmas this year that we are celebrating a birthday, a very special birthday. The one day when a child was born and everyone on earth was given a gift. One I am so very thankful for. I feel so blessed to have so much. What a wonderful time of year.


Lee said...

good post michelle! must have been something hey? I love that song, "mary did you know?"

Michelle said...

Yup, that's one of my favorites as well!!