Monday, December 11, 2006

Trying to hang on

Last night as I got tired I could feel the overwhelm and frustration slip back in. Somehow I always have so much last minute stuff to do. I think maybe I take on to much, expect to much from myself and then crash when I don't or just can't accomplish what I set out to do. I end up thinking less of myself.

So as my Monday morning hangover fades and the cobwebs clear from my brain I am trying to hang onto the peace I was feeling yesterday. The joy of the season, the reason for celebration, and not get caught up in the have to dos and the need to dos. It seems every time I feel like I've got something accomplished I remember other things that need doing. ARGH!!

Oh yes and I need to remember that I need sleep, please feel free to remind me of that if you see me online late.....


Shari da loop said...

awwwee michelle. one thing at a time. i know that for me, personally, if i think about all i still have to do, i am going to go insane. we have no money and no shopping done. i am just starting my christmas cards. OI. Still trying to fit my decorations in my house. need to do a little more baking. BUT... i really am not all that stressed. Cuz in the end, all that stuff doesnt really matter. just try to relax. Make a nice warm beverage, and play with payton, then... take 20 mins to work on something.... repeat as needed. =)
love ya girl!!!

Jenn said...

I think that the world has made Christmas far too complicated. You are right Shari, in the end all that stuff does not matter. There are certainly things that need to get done but I've been really trying to think of how I can simplfy it so that Christmas is about Jesus and those I love. It's funny 'cause I just watched a show last night that was saying kids really don't remember what they got for christmas last year but they do remember the traditions we make. Christmas is to bring joy and if it's bringing stress then something is not right.

Take if one day at a time and enjoy it!

liz said...

Someone said to me that I make all the fun stuff stress, that the shopping, cooking, wrapping etc. I see all as stress instead of enjoy it. It seems funny that such a small statement could have such an impact on me but it has, I have scaled back this year, and look at each event as something enjoyable to do.