Thursday, December 21, 2006


The countdown is ON!! hehe, the shopping is crazy!! I'm so glad I only have 1(count em) 1 thing left to find. Although it's that last thing that can be ridiculously hard, I mean it is the last thing left for a reason!!

Not a lot to update on my Grandpa, yesterday I didn't get to talk to my mom. Tues my Grandma didn't get to talk to the Dr although Grandpa seemed to me resting a lot more comfortably. I will be talking to mom today and will do an update. Thanks to all who've kept us in their thoughts and prayers.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday, everything still looks good. Although for the last 2 appointments baby has been posterior(back to my back) which has been the preferred position as far as I can tell. That can lead to a rough labor which has me concerned. Good thing it's still early and baby has a lot of time to move but I know this one has spent a lot of time in that position so might be a tad stubborn about it!! Oh well one worry at a time!

Guess I better find some breakfast and get us ready for Payton's music class! Have a good day everyone!


Miss-buggy said...

Cooper layed like that too, but he flipped. YOu have a lot of time for him to do that(hehe, I said him)
I have yet to find a Baby's first Christmas 2006. I am so bummed that I couldn't find one and now we don't have the money!! I should have boughten the nice one when I first saw it!!