Friday, December 08, 2006

Update and pics

Well, Payton seems much better than last night although she's still out of sorts, cranky, whiny ect. I haven't tried her on any solids so we'll have to see how the day progresses.

I thought I would post some pics from our adventure on the train to the Santa parade. I meant to post them a long time ago but never got around to it.

Payton was very excited to be on the train!

Matthew and Jordana came with us. Matthew didn't really know what to think!

Santa made an appearance much to the kids excitement

Payton and Mama!!Oh yes and of course Bear!! What a grin!

Best view in the house!! Payton and Dada waiting for the parade to start!

Rudolph nose anyone?

Matthew says "What are you doing to me? You crazy adults!!"

I think this was Rod's favorite. Stargate!! It was fun to see them out.

More Stargate.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Purdy's float....mmmm.....chocolate!!

One of Payton's favorites.

And of course St.Nick himself!!

What a good day!!


Lee said...

how fun! did I miss the second one? I wonder... its been on Liv's list of "things to do" since she was old enuf to like trains.
I have a couple bags of stuff for you over here.

Michelle said...

The second one was today! There's always next year!!