Sunday, December 10, 2006


Right now at this very moment I feel so much peace. Greg talked today about true peace being the contentedness you find amongst turmoil. There is still a TON to do around here before Christmas, and a bunch more before the baby comes but you know what? It will all work out somehow. I don't want to waste the moments I have in the meantime worrying about tomorrow. I will accomplish as much as I can everyday and let the rest take care of itself.

Today even though the house is not if perfect shape we are putting up the tree(finally!!!) and getting parcels ready to go. The Christmas music is on and great joy is in the air. This is Payton's first experience with helping decorate the tree, she is SO excited!! She exclaims very boisterously "I DID IT!!" every time she gets an ornament to stay on the tree. So fun!!

Now to get back to the fun.


James Goudie said...

cool. enjoy your family michelle.

I'm gonna download some christmas music haha

Shari da loop said...

can you beleive this? I was having so much fun watching Vicki decorate the tree last night, that i didnt take a single picture of her first time? bad mom! lol

Michelle said...

I tried to get some but don't know how successfull I was. There's just something about toddlers and low light!