Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fustration with oneself

Before Christmas I concentrated all my energy at getting ready for Christmas. If I started thinking about getting ready for baby as well I overwhelmed myself, so I told myself there is plenty of time after Christmas to prepare for the little one. It's now almost halfway through Jan and I'm not ready, not even close. I've been doing some sorting and organizing, figuring out what we have, what we need ect. The trouble is I've been so tired and am starting to get achy, I get a little done and have to stop. Or when Payton's napping and I should be being constructive I'm exhausted, falling asleep on my feet and end up napping too. I obviously need the sleep but as my due date approaches I end up frustrated with myself for not being ready. I am 34 weeks along now, Payton was born at 37!! That's just crazy!! Now this baby could well decide to be overdue and I have more time to get ready, but I just can't count on that. Sigh.....I guess whatever is done when baby comes is what will be done. I just so wanted to have so many things done so I didn't have to worry about them when adjusting to having 2 kids. I think my main stress right now is space. We have none! I have a bassinet ready to put in our room but no space to put it....ARGH. We need to get rid of/organize the whole home before this baby comes or I am going to go insane!!!!

Lists, I guess I'm going to have to make some. Figure out what's priority and concentrate on that. If I end up with more time that's great. I've pulled out the unisex stuff we have, and have been loaned. Have got Payton's stuff organized so I know where all sizes of girl stuff are, I have also gone through the boy stuff we've been given and done the same. I think the main clothes issue I'm going to have is having babies in different seasons. Most of Payton's little stuff is light summer stuff, and the next size up is cool fall/winter clothes. This baby is going to be opposite. I guess I also need to pack my hospital bag and get coming home stuff ready for baby. Rod and I haven't picked out coming home outfits yet as money has been tight, pretty soon money or not we're going to have to pick something out!! LOL!! We are still working on buying some of the basics babies need(like diapers, baby wash ect), we've been buying one thing at a time when picking up groceries. All in all thankfully we haven't had to buy to much as we still have stuff from Payton and have been given/loaned other stuff as well. Oh I just remembered I have to get a bag ready for Payton too!! And figure out rides to the hospital and whose available to watch Payton. Wow, I really do need to get on that list. Tonight!! The list must be made!!


Miss-buggy said...

so you are working on that list right?? ;)
You have lots of diapers for right now. Maybe a couple newborn packages. I didn't need many of those. You got lots of size ones. You will be alright. Praying that you get a bigger place to live.
Ahhh...the stresses of a new baby. Good but so overwhelming. Just put Rod to work. LOL. They love that!!

Lee said...

OK, after reading your post, I am overwhelmed!
I would love to come and "de-junk" your house!! I am hard core though, and you have to be wiling to let stuff go. It's a hard task, but the feeling once you're done is so enlightning!
Let me know if I can help.

Fruitloopgirl said...

next week... if you would like, I will come up and spend a day with you sorting, organizing, hanging with the kid while you nap, prepare some freezer meals.... whatever you like. Vicki and Payton will keep good company for each other. What do you think?

Michelle said...

Shari: I would love for you to come and visit!! Vicki would be a great distraction for Payton while I scrubbed the floors or cabinets or whatever and I'd love to see you!

I'll email you!