Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dad's rock

Payton and I built a snow man the other day. I thought we did pretty well, it was a Payton sized snow man(I posted pics, scroll down if you want to check them out). Well yesterday Dad took her out to play in the snow and upon glancing out my window a little while later this is what I saw. Man he's huge. I guess there are some things Dad's are just better at!! Or maybe it's just Rod being ambitious!!

Imagine how big that must look to a 2 yr old!!

Rod has to reach up to put the face on!!

The finished product!(He never did get arms!)


Miss-buggy said...

WOW!!!!!!! You definately got more snow then us!! I think it is a guy thing. I love the one where she is looking up at him. That thing will still be there come spring. LOL. Hey, you can always ask Pay if she can let the big snowman have one set of the little snowmans arms!
That thing is huge!! AWESOME!!!

Fruiloopgirl said...

I think both of the snowmen rock!!! I love her hugging the little one and standing in awe of the big one.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is a big snowman.It must have took him awhile to make that snowman. It will sure last a long time before it melts.

Lee said...

that is so cool, my kids would have loved that. Good Daddy!!

jewels said...

That is fantastic! Wow - we sure didn't get that kind of snow.

James Goudie said...

we tried to make a snowman. but well the snow sucks! it won't pack properly. i love building huge snowmen haha

rodbot said...

actually I had much trouble getting the snow ball started. it's wouldn't pack. but I could make hand size snowballs.

so I filled my lap with as much snow as possible and leaned into it. and compressed it with as much force as i could. then add more snow and repeat.

now it was heavy enough to roll. it's own weight was enough to pack the snow.

then I only had to go about 200ft to roll the big one. cause it was soo deep.