Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I thought I would share with everyone the reasons for my occasional panic in Dec about being ready for Christmas. My own self inflicted two week sleep deprivation!! I made a number of our Christmas gifts this year. Which is all fine and dandy except I didn't start most of them until Dec, crazy I know. My wonderful husband helped, so I should say WE made Christmas gifts this year. I realized I didn't get pictures of them all :( Oh well you'll get the idea. We made blankets, 4 of them to be exact(was trying for 5 but that just wasn't happening!!), out of mostly jean with fleece backing. And I also tried my hand at digital scrapbooking and put together a calendar for 2007 with pics from 2006 which I got printed and sent to many relatives from Payton!

A few sample pages from the Calendar

This blanket went to Rod's sister and her husband. It had a chocolate brown fleece backing.

This one was smaller as it went to Cooper. It has been on my list of things to do for awhile. Finally I finished!!

I forgot to take pictures of the one that went to Mom & Al, and Rod's dad & Jillian. But this lovely picture Rod took of me crashed on Christmas day does show it somewhat(my Mom & Al's). The backing of this one is a beautiful deep red, and it was very cozy!! If you look closely you can see another little head on the other end of the couch. Payton doesn't crash very often but all the excitement of Christmas and Christmas eve caught up with her, she crashed waiting for the hot chocolate Oma was making her. The backing of Rod's dad and Jillians was a tan colour.


Miss-buggy said...

And Cooper LOVES his blanket. You should see how he snuggles into it. It is way too cute!!!
I love the last picture of Rod's girls crashed on the couch!!

sue said...

Wow, you got a ton of stuff done in that short space of time. The blankets are beautiful, and as for the calendars, I think you have a stunning career in photography and design! You go girl! (but sleep when you can :)

Michelle said...

I'm so glad Cooper likes it!!

Thanks Sue!!

liz said...

you're amazing! simply amazing!

Mandy said...

awesome! just awesome! wow! great job!

Lee said...

um, OK, I want a blanket. I would ABSOLUTELY buy one from you, can I put my order in?
And beautiful calendar.

Fruiloopgirl said...

Wow Michelle... you don't give yourself enough credit!!! Absolutely awesome that you did all that in such a short time. I understand why you were getting stressed.

I had a very long list of hand-made gifts this year and I accomplished ...... ((drum roll)).... exactly one!

Good on ya, girl!!

James Goudie said...

great job michelle!