Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2 Sleeps to go!

OH MY GOSH!!! When did it get to be tues? 2 full days and 2 sleeps until we meet baby!!

Because I wasn't anxious enough....Payton has come down with a cough, it made us all miserable last night and tired this morning. I am thinking I'll take her down to the walk in clinic this morning because it's gotten flemy sounding :( I've heard there is a cold going around where it seems you are better then it comes back worse and sometimes leads to chest infections. I'm worried about Payton being sick around her new sibling, and I'm worried about me catching it and getting the Cesarean postponed.

The car is toast, not worth fixing. That makes me sad, it was my first car and has treated us well. Rod has picked up a little Toyota Tercel from a guy at work for cheap. It seems to be a good little commuter car. Big thanks to Phil for helping us through our car woes. We tried to figure out how we could make being a one vehicle family for awhile work but just couldn't seem to make everything jive so when Rod found the new car we felt it was the best option.

Bye bye sweet car!!

I'm very tired lately and ready to have this baby. I really want this place spick and span before I go into the hospital but find I tire so easily it's very fustrating. Yesterday I re-arranged stuff outside and cleaned up the yard, I even hosed down the concrete(under the bird feeder was DISGUSTING)!! It's not perfect but so much better! It had been driving me insane, the mess outside, but that really wasn't a good idea. I was so sore the rest of the day from the bending and lifting. But on the bright side, it looks much better out there!

I told Payton we were going to see the Dr about that cough and she's freaking out about it, saying "No hospital!! Cough all gone Mommy cough all gone!", I'm not sure where this anxiety came from she's never been to the Dr for anything before.

Payton and I were trying to cuddle on the the couch this morning and the baby kept pushing her away from the belly. It was to funny.

Don't forget to add your guess about the sex and weight of the baby to the post below if you haven't already!


Summer Engh said...

AWW!! about the baby pushing her away. Too cute. WOW!! Where does the time go? You can meet your baby in a couple of days. Exicting!!

Miss-buggy said...

Cooper's doc was telling me that by Pay's age they get freaked out about going to the doctors. Even if they barely went prior. It is an age thing. Good luck at the docs. Keep me posted

Kaylyn said...


I am going miss that car!! We had so much fun in there!! All the places we went!!

Oh well. We will just have to create new memories in the grovvy van!

Michelle said...

Payton has a bronchial infection. She's on her first ever antibiotics. We were right when we thought this cough sounded different!

She had a coughing fit right before we left and she actually asked to go to the Dr. for medicine during it. Then when we were waiting at the clinic every time she coughed she asked in a very LOUD voice "CAN WE SEE THE DR. YET???" it was so funny!

Now just praying I don't get it!

jewels said...

Wow - you are so close. My thoughts will be with you...
good luck!

Fruitloopgirl said...

OI. yes, don't get sick!! praying praying!

so.. my guess for baby M.... lets see.... boy... 8 lbs, 13 oz. =)

Oh... and a name... my first instict was Mackenzie... but with your last name... kinda sounds like a stutter... lol... sooooo....
Trenton James M. ((TJ for short... awweeeee))

Miss-buggy said...

I like TJ for short Shari! I like Trenton. I know someone who has a Trennon. Never heard of Trenton. Nice