Saturday, February 10, 2007

Put on your guessing hats!

Had a nice day today, consisted mostly of a friends wedding and visiting with Rod's Dad and Step Mom. I was a good time. Not productive but good.

I figure it would be fun to have a baby poll, see who guesses correctly. I guess we can't really guess about when baby will be born(unless you think baby will come early or flip before thurs) as the C-Section is booked for Thurs. The actual scheduled time is 7:45am. But it would be interesting to see guesses on sex and weight. Rod says I should throw a what will or what should we name the baby category as we haven't decided on names either(suggestions would be good!)

For reference Payton was born at 37 weeks 3 days and weighed 8lbs 4ounces.

And the winner will get....well the satisfaction of being right!! I don't have prizes!

I'll start I say:

We make it to thurs(power of positive thinking)
Boy/8 lbs 9 ounces


sue said...

I'm saying boy, and about 9lbs 3 oz. I think you'll name him Dexter....hahaha.

liz said...

girl (although my gut says boy) 8lbs 4oz

Miss-buggy said...

I am going to say boy.....9lbs 6oz and Bob for the name (I HAVE NO CLUE!)

Phil says 11lbs 1oz (he is mean!!) and you are going to name him Reginald or Garfunkel as a back up!! OH DEAR!! And to think I let him pick the names for Cooper.

Come on now did you think you would really get some names outta people. LOL!!

sue said...

Yup now that I think of it Eugene might be a good one too.

rodbot said...

if it's a boy, I say 9lbs.
and the name I say

Rodney Junior (R.J.)
Rodney II (little R2)

Lee said...

I like RJ.

Um, I say you are having a boy, (maybe cuz I am giving you my boy stuff:)
I like these names:

Aliya (Aleah)

Well there you have it!

notanangel said...

I say it has to be a boy, his name will be Rodney Duke, and he weighs around 8 lb 4 oz, and actually he will look more like Michelle, with dark hair. He is quite an impressive and handsome character especially since he arrives in his clan tartan! and sucking on a haggus.

James Goudie said...

boy. no reason. just guessing. and i don't know how big babies are usually. so i won't guess weight haha

i just know how big i was. thats it.

cari said...

boy - 9lbs 8oz. Rodney 2.0

Summer Engh said...

girl(7lbs 9oz)

rodbot said...

who you calling Haggus?!?!

just kidding.

woohoo 2 more for Rodney

Miss-buggy said...

I have always liked RJ ;) you know that Rod!

Kristi said...

Girl. 8lbs

use an family name.
Grandmother...great grand mother

Rebecca said...

girl dont no lbs uhmm kalee hayley bailey christine christina faith krissy aleah kari sara makenzie aimee lynn amy holly. boy dont no lbs uhmm ben jared zack. i dont know many boy names. uhmm dylan (dillin)mike colin

Kaylyn said...

A boy


9 pounds 3 oz

Miss-buggy said...

I would say a name that I am really thinking but you might kick me but oh well going to say it anyway.....
Isaiah. or Isaac

rodbot said...

because issac means kickme???

yah more for RJ!!!

Miss-buggy said...

you're weird Rod......... ;)

Kaylyn said...

From Shayne:



8 pounds 9 oz.

Fruitloopgirl said...

OOhh... I should have put my guess here not on that other post. lol

so here it goes again... hehe

boy... 8 lbs 13 oz. Trenton James (TJ for short) I have no idea where that name came from.

Nicole said...

Going to go with girl. Mainly to be different. 8lbs 8 oz
And I'm thinking positive and saying baby will turn and you will have the baby late on Valentines Day. Name: Sasha (pronouned say-sha)