Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday!! Yeah!!

This week has gone quickly and I'm excited to have my husband home for the weekend. It's my mom's birthday as well so we will be spending some time with her. I'm looking forward to it.

The cesarean is booked for the 15th, they can't give me a time until 3-4 days before but as I'm the only one booked for that day so far it will probably be first thing in the morning but we won't know for sure until that week. I have an appointment with Dr.Lampen to go over everything on Tues so I'll have to write down all my questions before then. I'm looking for advice from all of you who've done this before. Is what you need to take to the hospital different? What is your best advice to speed recovery? Anything else? I have to admit this is causing me anxiety, I know everything will be fine in the end but still it's all so unknown! I am hoping and praying that I don't go into labour on my own now, I really want to make it to the hospital and not have a big panic!

Of course I would like it if baby would flip but part of me really thinks it's not going to happen. Baby is happy where it is and not willing to budge!

So, not counting today or the 15th that leaves 12 days to go at the most until baby is born!! How crazy is that!! Or are you supposed to count today? I don't know. Less than 2 weeks anyways!

Well, I really am exhausted today but I should get something done around here while Payton is sleeping. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Fruitloopgirl said...

well... having done several c-sections.. lol.. what you pack isnt all that different. make sure you listen to the no eating rule before hand and you won't get to eat much that day either. The whole thing really isnt that bad. When I had Josh and Lexi, they let me hold the baby in the OR for a bit then I didnt get to see them again until I was back in my room several hours later. With Vicki, I got to hold her in OR, then they took her for about 20 mins, while I was getting settleed into recovery, then Darin got to bring her into see me in recovery. I had her with from then on. Made it much nicer. I didnt even notice all the poking and prodding the nurses and doctors were doing, cuz I was too busy with the baby. Do bring some reading material or crosswords n such for those rare times in between feedings and changings when you can't sleep. Cuz you spend way more time in bed. You cant just get up and be scootin' about the same way.

Terry and Susan said...

hang in there!!! baby will arrive safe and sound.