Thursday, February 08, 2007


Where has this week gone?? Crazy, soon it will be the week baby comes!! Guess I have to figure out what NEEDS to be done this weekend.

I am maintaining sanity by not thinking about finaces and car stuff. Everything will work out. We will pray and I will trust my husband to make good choices for us. I just can't deal with anything at this point, everything feels so big. I can only seem to wrap my head about being as good of a mom as possible to Payton and getting ready for this baby. That's it, add any other drama in there and I shut down. Completely!

So many concerns floating through my head. How will Payton adapt to having a baby here? Is it fair to take her only child status away from her? Can I be a good mom to 2? Can I love someone as much as I love Payton? Will I play favorites? How will I cope? Will my house every be tidy? Will I regret not pushing Payton's potty training? Do I baby her to much? Sigh.....the learning experience that just never ends.

Going to go make some tea and tidy some while I'm not falling over dead tired. Let's see how long this lasts!


Terry and Susan said...

won't be long now.... how exciting

Rosa said...

I know these feelings all too well. All I can tell you, and you will just have to find it in your heart to trust this, is that everything WILL work itself out. You sound like a person who is able to prioritize pretty well and that will be a huge asset to your family of four. Showing love, I have found, to two children is easier than I expected. I won't lie, though, I did find myself in tears four days after Bella was born because I missed spending time with Max. My one source of comfort is that Hal and I are *both* involved parents who show lots of love and affection for our kids. Knowing this, I know Max will never fell "left out." You'll be okay, mama. But I know the work of worry is important, too. ;)

Fruitloopgirl said...

you are a GREAT mother to Pay and you will be an even better mother to both when junior arrives.