Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Payton has a cold. She's being a stinker and not trying to sleep. Then when she did give in and go to sleep(for all of 10min), her cold woke her up!! ARGH!! She is finally(after 10) sleeping again but from the sounds of her breathing will be up again.

Samara decided she didn't want to go to sleep in her bassinet tonight, then when she finally did. She pooped...and she pooped big. After I got her changed ect, she was completely awake again and doesn't want to sleep in the bassinet again. She is now over tired...sigh.....and soon I will be. Rod is trying to convince her the bassinet is good at the moment. She is so little I can't let her cry it out, so we go back comfort and put her back. There has been A LOT of trips to the bedroom tonight, and none of them involve sleep for us! I was seriously hoping for a 9 o'clock bedtime tonight. HAHA dream on girl!

When did bedtime get to be so hard?

It's 11:30, she's been out for 15min, Payton is asleep, and I will be as soon as I hit publish and crawl under the covers. Any of you still awake out there please pray for no more pooping! LOL!!


linda said...

You've got my favourite song on your site right now! So glad Rod's home with you at present to give you a little bit of a break. Hard when they're this little and they don't want to sleep, but in 10-12 years you'll be trying to get them out of bed! Take care