Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have a 3 wek old

Who is overtired. We had a hard night. A very very hard night. 4 people, very little sleep, it did not make for a happy morning.

I had a fabulous afternoon though(thank you thank you thank you)!!

We are gearing up for another hard night. I have a headache already. Samara has hardly slept at all today, she was wide eyed and observant. Now thinks she needs daddy to be carrying her a certain way, moving a certain way to even close her eyes. Then says SURPRISE every time we think she's dozing. She's overdone, and very soon, so will we be. I think from spending the last couple weeks observing Samara that she's very observant and aware of her surroundings, light, movement, noises, all seem to keep her from sleeping. With Payton she always wanted to be moving, with Samara she's more aware of movement around her. I think maybe even my movement when she's in bed with me has been disturbing her. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense of this so I will stop rambling and move on.

We will be figuring out a schedule, a gentle one because she is so young, to encourage her to sleep. I feel mean even considering letting her cry, even for a minute or 2 because she is so little. I don't think I could do it. I think something more like a bedtime routine so she knows what to expect and going to her when she fusses but being consistent with putting her back to bed afterwards. The frustrating part is that she usually takes good naps in her bassinet, just not at night.

The good thing is that having already gone through this with Payton, I know it's only temporary and I know I CAN do this. So often with Payton there did not seem an end in sight, but there was. Really this newborn sleeplessness that seems never ending is only a very short piece of parenting, and thank goodness for that! I'm very tired but so much more relaxed than last time.

Sigh.....we'll figure it out eventually.


Summer said...

I would just like to say "remember to be patient, and everything should fall into place for you, and your little one. Don't worry about it to much eventually you will get into a routine.

Miss-buggy said...

yes. you can do it.
Routine. A BIG ONE!! Baby's THRIVE on it. We bathed Cooper every night since birth. Mind you it wasn't soap every night, on;y ever three days or so but he knew it was almost bed time from the bath. He even knows now. Have you thought about giving that a try? bathing before bed? Just my two cents. hehe. It calms Cooper down. Then he gets nursed and put to bed.
Good luck and you are doing a great job!!